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Kelyn Ebbert

I emailed Cherie regarding Kelyn and have had no response. My work schedule changed and he has no transportation to and from Catapult this year. Is there anything I can do?? What do you suggest?? He needs to get back and on track. Thank you! Debbie Ebbert

Well yes I need him in school were trying to signed him up for home schooling but couldn't get all his paperwork he were going to K-12 school.

What do you need from me? Thank you!

His shot record last report card I have the proof of address his physical papers

Is this for Al'Kevious Johnson Mrs. Ebbert

No ma'am, it's for Kelyn Ebbert, my son. Thanks! Debbie Ebbert

Oh your messages coming to my email ma

Sorry for being late but i moved to a new address 7403 High Bluff Road North
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